Solar offers more than clean, low cost energy

Solar offers more than clean, low cost energy

A critical opportunity has been overlooked on solar sites developed in Maryland — there’s been too much focus on the hardware and not enough consideration of the vegetation under and around the panels.

Some folks don’t like living next to solar arrays, particularly when the array is “solar-centric” in design (e.g. gravel covering the site). Instead of solar-centric approaches, businesses can help local farms and the Chesapeake Bay by encouraging co-benefit/low-impact solar designs that are planted with native flowering plants.

We who have authored this commentary represent a diversity of Maryland and Eastern Shore interests. We support the development of new “pollinator-friendly” solar approaches, which bring with them potential agricultural, economic and environmental benefits.

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solar flowers

Solar panels are safe to operate in agricultural fields, alongside pollinator-friendly flowers, native plants or crops.