Lockheed Martin – Manassas Recognized as a Businesses for the Bay Gold Founding Member

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The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Recognizes Lockheed Martin – Manassas as a Businesses For The Bay Founding Gold Member

(Annapolis, MD – May 9, 2017) – The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay recognizes Lockheed Martin – Manassas as a Businesses for the Bay Founding Gold Member. Lockheed Martin – Manassas renewed their membership with a growing partnership of large and small businesses in the Chesapeake Bay watershed that are undertaking voluntary actions to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed, rivers, and streams.

The Businesses for the Bay membership association provides a network for its Members to share strategies and successes with other businesses and governmental and non-profit Networking Partners, as well as opportunities to engage employees in environmental efforts, and receive recognition for the valuable role each Member is taking to help improve the environment. As a Founding Gold Member, the Alliance recognizes Lockheed Martin – Manassas for its commitment to Chesapeake Bay protection and restoration.

Lockheed Martin, Rotary and Mission Systems in Manassas, Va has a lively and active Go Green Team employee network led by Dave Gunnarson, Senior Staff Environmental Engineer.

The Go Green Team provides environmental education for employees through creative workshops, seminars, and lunch-and-learns as well as tips for implementing conservation at home, including an annual tree seedling initiative. Further, the team takes a vested interest in conservation actions on their 153 acre campus. They maintain and monitor 6 bee blocks and 16 songbird nest boxes for the native cavity-nesting birds on the property. They also developed a 3,700 square foot natural meadow full of native Virginia flora, now in its 3rd season.

In 2016, “Go Green” sponsored an employee tended vegetable garden with 22 plots. The Go Green Team also partnered with Lockheed Martin’s environmental health and safety team, switching to LED parking lot lights that successfully reduced power consumption, and initiating water conservation efforts that reduced water consumption by 10% of the facility’s 2010 baseline.

Dave Gunnarson noted, “Businesses for the Bay provides us an opportunity to showcase our environmental practices, to demonstrate how they relate, and make a difference, for the Chesapeake Bay and to work with others to better the environment in which we live.”

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Business Partnerships Manager, Corinne Stephens, stated, “Through the Alliance’s Businesses for the Bay membership association, we help businesses to have a positive impact on Chesapeake Bay restoration, to expand their own sustainability programs, and to be recognized for their environmental successes.”

For more information about this Businesses for the Bay Founding Gold Member, please visit our Member Directory or http://businesses.allianceforthebay.org/member/lockheed-martin-manassas.


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