Partnership Wealth Management

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Partnership Wealth Management

Baltimore, Maryland

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Project Summary

Partnership Wealth Management is a Baltimore-based comprehensive financial services company. They help their clients plan for their future through customized financial planning strategies. Their advice aims to help their clients to improve everything from their day-to-day finances to retirement planning; investment planning to estate strategies; and insurance to tax strategies. Partnership Wealth Management was a member of the old Businesses for the Bay program and was the first business to join the Maryland Green Registry!

Partnership Wealth Management only has 3 employees, but they make a substantial positive impact on the local environment. The owner, Woody Derricks, CFP®, originally picked the office location because he can walk to work, significantly reducing his carbon footprint. The office as a whole is environmentally-friendly and includes VOC-free paint and recycled carpet. All of their office cleaning products are natural “green” versions (including hand soap, window cleaner, and dusting solution), their paper products are all made from recycled content, promotional materials are printed with plant-based ink, their furniture and computer monitors are refurbished and second-hand, and they recycle everything possible, including paper, plastic, cans, and ink cartridges. They decrease the use of plastic by using only reusable tableware and cutlery in the kitchen and they don’t have any disposable plastic water bottles for clients or staff. They also provide all of their clients with eco-friendly gifts, including reusable metal coffee tumblers, organic grocery totes, organic coffee, and organic fair-trade chocolate. In 2018, they donated to charity in lieu of gifts for their clients!

Partnership Wealth Management’s green office supplies

The Partnership Wealth Management office ambient temperature is controlled by a new adjustable electronic thermostat that is programmed to turn on only when people are in the office, reducing the amount of energy needed to cool and heat the office. The team also recently replaced all lightbulbs in the office with LED bulbs, to help decrease the energy used. Since installation, they have reduced their energy by 1,300 KWHr! The office ends up using approximately 11,900 KWHr of energy per year, all of which comes from 100% wind power.

In addition to all the green initiatives in the office, Partnership Wealth Management offers environmentally and socially responsible investment options to their clients. The owner, Woody, volunteers with local groups and makes a difference in his community. For example, a few years ago when Woody was the treasurer of the Canton Dog Park, he helped resurface the dirt and asphalt with ground granite to make the surface more porous, ultimately decreasing stormwater runoff. They also donate to charity throughout the year.


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Clean Water
Other Green Initiatives
The Chesapeake Bay is such a vital resource that we feel an obligation to do our best to reduce the pollution that feeds into it. At Partnership Wealth Management, we want to do our best to improve the world around us.


Woody Derricks, CFP®

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