EQR – Millersville, MD Office Recognized as a 2017 Businesses for the Bay Gold Member

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The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Recognizes EQR – Millersville, MD Office as a Businesses For The Bay Gold Member

(Annapolis, MD – August 16, 2017) – The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay recognizes Environmental Quality Resources – Millersville, MD Office as a Businesses for the Bay Gold Member. The Millersville, MD Office joins a growing partnership of large and small businesses in the Chesapeake Bay watershed that are undertaking voluntary actions to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed, rivers, and streams.

The Businesses for the Bay membership association provides a network for its Members to share strategies and successes with other businesses and governmental and non-profit Networking Partners, as well as opportunities to engage employees in environmental efforts, and receive recognition for the valuable role each Member is taking to help improve the environment. As a Gold Member, the Alliance recognizes the Millersville, MD Office for its commitment to Chesapeake Bay protection and restoration.

Environmental Quality Resources, LLC (EQR) was founded in 1991 as an environmental construction and landscaping company, specializing in stream restoration and reforestation. Since then, they have expanded their scope of construction services to include freshwater and tidal wetland creation and mitigation, shoreline and dune restoration, low impact development, and stormwater management facilities. The employees go out of their way to educate their clients about why project maintenance and planting native plants are important parts of stormwater and ecological management.

The Environmental Quality Resources – Millersville, MD Office is a Gold Businesses for the Bay Member. As a company whose mission is to preserve and protect our watersheds that lead to the Chesapeake Bay, they created an office green team, the Sustainability Circle, which creates actionable items to maintain an environmentally sustainable company, in the field and at headquarters. Employees have started to bring in reusable utensils and coffee cups for the office, reduce the use of plastic water bottles in the field, and use biodegradable hydraulic fluid in the majority of their heavy machinery. In addition, they use a broom instead of a hose when cleaning the outdoor areas, keeping trash out of storm drains and nearby waterways, and provide environmentally-friendly outdoor cigarette butt receptacle for smokers, decreasing the amount of cigarette litter that seeps into our waterways, polluting our water. The Sustainability Circle continues to create more sustainability goals, collecting documentation to track their progress.

The Millersville, MD Office team organizes tree plantings and stream clean-ups throughout the year to keep our waterways free of harmful trash and pollutants. For example, in March 2017, EQR closed their office early for a tree planting ceremony and a 16 site stream clean-up in remembrance of their former colleague and friend, Will Bunn. Together, along with Will’s family members, they removed thousands of pieces of trash, thereby making these places a better habitat for flora, fauna, and us humans who enjoy clean water. The team plans to hold at least 5 more trash clean-ups this year!

EQR also donates time and resources to conservation organizations in the region. They are proud Silver Sponsors of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s 2017 Taste of the Chesapeake Celebration and Silent Auction. EQR regularly partners with the South River Federation (SRF). Most recently, EQR partnered with SRF and donated the necessary labor and materials to build a bioretention (large rain garden) at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis. This bioretention pond directs stormwater from impervious surfaces back into the ground, decreasing stormwater runoff. The parents of children who attend the school were involved in the planning and installation of the pond, which increased the community’s awareness of local environmental issues. EQR also recently worked with the Anacostia Waterfront Trust and Washington DC’s Department of Energy & Environment to capture and infiltrate stormwater through the construction of a bioretention facility for the Progressive National Baptist Convention building and adjacent parking lot. EQR plans to maintain this facility for the next two years to make sure it is working properly. This project is the first completed bioretention facility by the Anacostia Waterfront Trust, located on what is known as “Holy Hill“.

Liam O’Meara, President of EQR, noted, “EQR is elated to join the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay in the shared mission to celebrate, protect, and restore the Chesapeake watershed. As an ecological restoration company, our Businesses for the Bay membership only serves to magnify the impact of our work, and helps us better engage the talented community mobilized to restore our watershed. We are very excited to be involved in such a worthy endeavor”.

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Business Partnerships Manager, Corinne Stephens, stated, “Through the Alliance’s Businesses for the Bay membership association, we help businesses to have a positive impact on Chesapeake Bay restoration, to expand their own sustainability programs, and to be recognized for their environmental successes.”

For more information about this Businesses for the Bay Gold Member, please visit our Member Directory or https://businesses.allianceforthebay.org/member/eqr-millersville-md.


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