EXACT Stormwater Management Recognized as a Businesses for the Bay Gold Member

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The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Recognizes EXACT Stormwater Management, LLC as a Businesses for the Bay Gold Member

(Annapolis, MD – March 6, 2019) – The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay recognizes EXACT Stormwater Management, LLC as a Businesses for the Bay Gold Member. EXACT Stormwater Management renewed their membership with a growing partnership of large and small businesses in the Chesapeake Bay watershed that are undertaking voluntary actions to improve the health of our watershed, rivers, and streams.

The Businesses for the Bay Membership Association provides a network for its Members to share strategies and successes with other businesses and governmental and non-profit Networking Partners, as well as opportunities to engage employees in environmental efforts, and receive recognition for the valuable role each Member is taking to help improve the environment. As a Gold Member, the Alliance recognizes EXACT Stormwater Management for its commitment to Chesapeake Bay protection and restoration.

Involved in many aspects of stormwater, the relatively new company, EXACT Stormwater Management, specializes in maintenance and installation of many stormwater BMPs, products (hydrodynamic separators and filters), and stormwater BMP inspection, testing and forensic consulting.  Their robust Businesses for the Bay actions focus on clean water, engaging communities, and protecting and creating native wildlife habitat.

Many of the team’s projects are implemented at EXACT Stormwater Management’s maintenance yard, where they maintain 4800 sqft of pervious pavement to help control stormwater runoff. They also protect and restore habitat at their maintenance yard and the surrounding area by planting, monitoring, and maintaining native trees and removing non-native, invasive plant species (such as English ivy and crab grass). In 2018, the team maintained 8 native trees in the maintenance yard and participated in a live staking project along the James River, planting over 40 native trees.

EXACT Stormwater Management decreases the use of plastic by encouraging employees to use reusable water bottles, plates, and utensils, rather than disposable items in the office. They also encourage carpooling, reduce energy use in the office, and reduce the environmental impact of their company travel whenever possible. The team provides environmental education for employees and the public via Lunch and Learns and they sponsor environmental education events, including Virginia’s 2017 inaugural Back to the Bay at Mason Neck State Park in Northern Virginia. In 2018, they sponsored a Tree Campus USA event at Virginia State University; partnering with The Timmons Group for the event, EXACT Stormwater Management provided students education on various stormwater BMPs, assisted in planting several gardens, and provided lunch.

“We started this business to assist our customers with implementing and maintaining innovative BMP’s which help protect the Bay”, noted Sean Simonpietri, EXACT Stormwater Management Co-owner. “It’s a natural fit for us to operate our business in a way that’s aligned with these same goals”.

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Business Partnerships Manager, Corinne Stephens, stated, “Through Businesses for the Bay, we help businesses reach social and sustainability goals, encourage employees to get involved in outdoor activities, promote positive change, and build stronger, more positive bonds between businesses and their communities.”

For more information about this Businesses for the Bay Gold Member, please visit our Member Directory or https://businesses.allianceforthebay.org/member/exact-stormwater-management.


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