Steering Committee

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

Steering Committee Business Members from around the watershed

  • Donald Boucher, Chesapeake Center for Excellence
  • Marty Bullins, Mohawk Industries
  • Amber Falls, Kristi Neidhardt Team
  • Bill Gill, Smithfield Foods, Inc.
  • Daniel Goldstein, Environmental Resources Management, Inc.
  • Harry Gregori, Jr., Gregori Consulting, LLC
  • David Gunnarson
  • Theodore Scott, Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting
  • Cindy Smith, Ph.D, MowCow Lawn & Landscape
  • Ginny Snead, AMT Engineering
  • Mark Williams, Luck Companies

Are you interested in learning more about or joining the Steering Committee? Please contact Corinne Stephens, Alliance Business Partnerships Manager, at