Bayville Golf Club

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

Bayville Golf Club

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Membership Type: Gold

Project Summary

The Bayville Golf Club takes the lead on ensuring the Lynnhaven River and Chesapeake Bay are protected. Ground breaking for construction of the golf course officially took place in November of 1994, yet much critical work and planning took place long before. An archeological survey ensured that no surprises would hold up construction or affect the planned layout. Importantly, a stormwater management plan guarantees that rainwater is captured for storage while also protecting the Lynnhaven River from detrimental runoff and sedimentation. In September 2018, a rehabilitated bald eagle was released at Bayville Golf Club. The eagle fell from its nest and was taken care of by the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Click here to watch the 2018 release of a rehabilitated bald eagle on their property!

Bluebird nest box with babies!

The team sustains a thriving community of native trees, shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers throughout the 255 acre property. They remove non-native, invasive English ivy, which disrupts the natural riparian ecosystem, and maintain wildlife habitat structures including bluebird boxes, osprey stands, and snag trees. They sustain their conservation easement, in place with Virginia Department of Historic Resources,  and protect the important wildlife corridor between the golf course, Lynnhaven River, and B4B Networking Partner, Lynnhaven River NOW’s property.

The golf club also educates employees about the importance of protecting our lands and waterways through educational tours, talks, and written materials.


Themes Fulfilled

Clean Water
Conserved Lands
Engaged Communities
Fisheries and Habitats
Bayville Golf Club is committed to utilizing economic and environmentally sustainable management practices that will ensure that the surrounding environment is not adversely affected by the management of the golf course. We are also committed to providing educational outreach and enhancing biodiversity and wildlife habitat on the property.


Cutler Robinson
Director of Golf Course Operations

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