Ecolistic Cleaning – Maryland Division

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Ecolistic Cleaning – Maryland Division

Annapolis & Baltimore, Maryland

Membership Type: Gold

Project Summary

Ecolistic Cleaning is a specialty cleaning service that offers both house and office cleaning. It is a minority owned and operated livable-wage business that began as a single mother’s dream to run a green business while working from home. The company’s mission is to offer clients a reliable, all natural, non-toxic, eco-conscious cleaning service that uses no harmful chemicals, pollutants or needless waste in order to protect and even improve our quality of living, the health of their clients and Natural Cleaning Specialists, and our precious environment. As members of Green America, Businesses for the Bay, and the Maryland Green Registry, they are advocates of protecting our environment and active in pollution prevention.

Ecolistic Cleaning was a member of the original Businesses for the Bay program in the early 2000’s and they are the first cleaning company to join the new Businesses for the Bay Membership Association!

Ecolistic Cleaning composts used paper towels and paper towel rolls

The team is committed to reducing trash, plastic, and other pollutants, and does so by educating their clients and walking the walk. They combine trash bags as much as possible and only change clients’ trash bags when they are soiled, use only “green” cleaning products, compost used paper towels and paper towel rolls, have paperless offices, use only reusable containers and dishware in office kitchens, and don’t use any disposable plastic water bottles. When cleaning a clients’ home or business, the Natural Cleaning Specialists vacuum outdoor spaces, such as garages and decks, rather than washing debris into storm drains with hoses.

All new staff are educated about the company’s sustainability initiatives as part of the onboarding process and Ecolistic Cleaning does a good job educating their clients about the importance of implementing conservation at home via the Ecolistic Cleaning website. Staff participate in annual Earth Day events and, in 2018, plan to participate in at least one trash clean-up via Project Clean Stream.

Ecolistic Cleaning’s supply room

Themes Fulfilled

Clean Water
Engaged Communities
Ecolistic Cleaning is proud to have joined Businesses for the Bay back in 2006. We are passionate about preserving the health of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays with our commitment to using biodegradeable, non-toxic cleaning products. Choosing the green alternative when making every day decisions can make a huge positive impact on our environment over time!


Courtney Sunborn
Founder & Owner

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