ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC

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ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Chantilly, Virginia

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Project Summary

ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC is a Founding Businesses for the Bay Member.

Engineering Consulting Services (ECS) is a leader in environmental, geotechnical, construction materials testing, and facilities engineering. ECS is an employee-owned firm that believes in the power of community involvement.

ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC’s Businesses for the Bay program is focused on community engagement actions. There are 11 ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC (ECS) offices in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (in PA, MD, VA, and DC) and the Businesses for the Bay program is open to all who would like to participate.  ECS has been providing Lunch and Learns to clients on various technical topics, including environmental subjects. Teams from around the watershed participated in stream clean-ups and hosted planting events throughout 2016.

ECS Spring 2017 trash cleanup

ECS also educates and involves the public in their community activities. The firm plans to continue designing posters and speaking at local conferences about environmental issues. In addition, ECS community projects are open to employees as well as clients (including NAIOP and Civic Works).  ECS community projects encourage employees to become actively engaged in environmental stewardship, a field they practice daily, while demonstrating their commitment to the communities where they live. Offices will invite various industry representatives from across the watershed to help plan and participate in different events that benefit the Bay. At least one of the office teams plans to involve students from a local school in a stream clean-up. Making the events fun and meaningful will help leave a positive, lasting impression on everyone involved.

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