Fareva Richmond, Inc.

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Fareva Richmond, Inc.

Henrico, Virginia

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Project Summary

Fareva is one of the world’s leading subcontractors in the Industrial & Household, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals fields. They have a presence in eleven countries around the world. Richmond, Virginia is Fareva’s only US site and it is where their Businesses for the Bay program is based.

newly decorated songbird nest box

The Fareva Richmond site has a strong Environmental Stewardship Program. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality recognized the strength of this program in 2010 when Fareva was certified as a Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP) E-4 site. This certification demonstrates to employees, customers, and the community that Fareva has a record of sustained environmental compliance and a superior Environmental Management System.

The Environmental Stewardship program addresses sustainability issues both inside the buildings and on the facility grounds. For example, the Energy Council is an inter-departmental team that meets monthly to discuss the facility’s utility usage/costs/emissions and develops ways to conserve energy and reduce emissions. Water conservation programs have been instituted by plant operations through recirculated cooling water and other technologies. The site is proud of its Zero Waste initiative, with a goal to recycle 95% of all waste. They have decreased the use of plastic by distributing 200 reusable water bottles and 200 reusable plastic cups to employees.

Fareva's Sunflower Garden is ”Heads and Shoulders Above the Rest!"

Fareva’s Sunflower Garden is ”Heads and Shoulders Above the Rest!”

Outdoor programs include maintaining and monitoring 6 songbird nest boxes, planting of sunflower gardens, and reducing stormwater runoff. Earth Day is celebrated every year with a Sunflower Seed Give-Away and Gardening Kit raffle. In 2017, they gave away 250 sunflower seed packets! There is a walking trail on the property that employees can take advantage of during their lunch break.  In 2017, they incorporated educational signage along the path, to help raise awareness about native plants. To help increase employee wellness, they invite food trucks to the facility once a week and installed six new picnic tables around the facility to encourage outdoor, fresh air, dining.

In addition to all the Environmental Stewardship programs being conducted at the facility, Fareva has “adopted” 2 miles of Darbytown Road as part of Keep Henrico Beautiful (KHB)’s litter removal initiative. The Fareva site is located on Darbytown Road in Henrico County, Richmond, VA. Fareva uses this initiative as an Environmental Stewardship project for their safety committees and volunteer crews participate in four trash clean-ups annually. KHB has installed two signs on Darbytown Road with Fareva’s name, so the local community knows that Fareva is fulfilling its responsibility as a good steward of the environment and a good citizen of the community.

Native dogwood with handmade educational ID sign


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Themes Fulfilled

Clean Water
Engaged Communities
Fisheries and Habitats
Other Green Initiatives
Fareva’s Environmental Stewardship program has continued to grow over the years and we are proud to extend our program to a regional level with our Mid-Atlantic partner, Businesses for the Bay.


Eunice Kulesza
Sr. Env. Specialist

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