Lockheed Martin – Archbald

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

Lockheed Martin – Archbald

Archbald, Pennsylvania

Membership Type: Silver

Project Summary

The Lockheed Martin – Archbald facility team is committed to controlling stormwater, decreasing pollutants, creating wildlife habitat, and engaging their employees. In 2017, they installed a canopy over an outdoor dumpster to decrease runoff from the dumpster.

In 2017, the team held a tree planting event and planted 6 different species (37 trees planted) of native shrubs and small trees outside of their cafeteria to help green their campus, provide wildlife habitat, capture stormwater, and provide shade. Employees will be included in this planting event. They also provide environmental education for employees through an annual Earth Day event. During the April 2017 Earth Day event, they handed out ~750 dogwood, honey locust, and river birch saplings to employees for them to plant at home!

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Themes Fulfilled

Clean Water
Engaged Communities
Fisheries and Habitats
Lockheed Martin is committed to being a good steward and good neighbor in our communities. Our partnership with Businesses for the Bay is a natural extension of our work to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay.


Tim Seechock
Facilities/ESH Manager

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