Lockheed Martin – CHQ/CLE

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

Lockheed Martin – CHQ/CLE

Bethesda, Maryland

Membership Type: Silver

Project Summary

The CHQ/CLE team has numerous environmental sustainability actions, both in and out of the office! In 2017, they reduced water usage by 863,000 gallons!

On the grounds of the facility, they create wildlife habitat and promote employee health and wellness with an environmentally sound walking path, bordered by approximately 250 native trees, for employees to use. There are many species of trees along the length of the trail, including tulip poplar, white oak, red oak, maple, black gum, beech, cherry and various pines. They even have a map of every tree on campus that all employees can access to help them identify the trees along the walking path.

They also conserve existing land adjacent to the employee walkway through a 3.34 acres legal Forest Conservation Easement. The “deep woods” are left alone, creating snags and other necessary wildlife habitat structures, unless a fallen tree is deemed unsafe. The easement includes a settling pond wetlands area with aquatic and marshland plants growing around it.

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Themes Fulfilled

Clean Water
Conserved Lands
Fisheries and Habitats
Lockheed Martin is committed to being a good steward and good neighbor in our communities. Our partnership with Businesses for the Bay is a natural extension of our work to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay.


Lambent Nguyen
Sr. Facilities Engineer

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