Mohawk Industries – Commercial – Glasgow

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Mohawk Industries – Commercial – Glasgow

Glasgow, Virginia

Membership Type: Gold

Project Summary

The black cherry seedling loves the spring (2018)

As the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, Mohawk Industries’ commitment to its customers is expected, but its commitment to social responsibility and sustainable practices are also vital parts of the company’s business strategy. The Glasgow, Va. commercial carpet plant, where the company manufactures carpet tile products under the Mohawk Group brand, demonstrates that commitment as a Gold-Level Founding Member of Businesses for the Bay.

The Glasgow facility is working toward certification in Mohawk’s Zero Landfill program, which helps manufacturing locations across the enterprise determine an attainable set of site-specific manufacturing waste reduction targets. This initiative assists manufacturing sites in identifying and diverting from the landfill waste material that could be recycled, repurposed or up-cycled, often saving on costs while simultaneously promoting environmental stewardship. Each year, through recycling programs and the use of purchased recycled content in its manufacturing processes, Mohawk diverts more than 6.5 billion pounds of material from U.S. landfills.

Additionally, in conjunction with Mohawk’s overall goals for resource utilization, the Glasgow facility has set its own specific goals to reduce energy use and operational water consumption and eliminate waste. In 2016, they saved 16,447,295 gallons of water! Energy reduction projects have focused on a broad range of improvements, from installing motion sensor lighting to improving manufacturing processes. In 2017, they reduced the plant’s total waste stream by 10% over 2016 and reduced office paper usage by 6.8% over 2016 (equivalent to 302 reams of paper!). In 2018, they reduced the plant’s total waste stream by 3.84% over 2017 and reduced office paper usage by 6.64% over 2017. Each year, they compost over 2000 pounds of office kitchen vegetable waste. The facility’s Green Team works on projects, reviews sustainability initiatives and progress, and tracks environmental sustainability metrics.


Green Team Leader, Marty Bullins, educates the public during the August 2016 Rockbridge Community Festival

In order to promote environmental stewardship throughout the community, the Glasgow Green Team also provides education for employees about conservation and waste reduction opportunities. In 2016, the Green Team established an on-site bee colony to help bees and educate employees; over 100 employees are involved in planning and learning about the bee colony each year!

In August 2016 and August 2017, the Green Team participated in the annual local Rockbridge Community Festival. They encouraged visitors to visit the Rockbridge County Recycling Education station, exhibited the story of plastic bottles being recycled into carpet, and had a recycling themed quiz with a chance to win prizes. They celebrated Earth Day 2018 by donating 5 sets of recycling stations to Natural Bridge Elementary School. They also participated at the Glasgow Farmer’s Market and donated 3 trees for a combination Earth Day & Arbor Day event at Boxerwood Nature Center; students from Rockbridge High School planted the trees.

2 employees plant a native tree on the property (2018)

The team also encouraged employees to enjoy nature on their own campus; in March 2018, they planted 30 Black Locust & 20 Black Cherry seedlings and on Arbor Day 2018, they planted 2 Bur Oak trees on their campus. In 2019, the team planted Pollinator Friendly Trees (Honey Locust, Black Cherry, Persimmon, American Plum, Yellow Popular & Black Locust) and 8800 square feet of wildflowers throughout their facility.




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The Chesapeake Bay has a long history of supporting industry in the area, but it has unfortunately seen some hard times with cases of pollution and depletion of wildlife. As part of Mohawk’s commitment to believe in better processes around manufacturing and sustainability for the communities where we live and work, we are excited and honored to aid Businesses for the Bay in their mission to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay.


Marty Bullins
Sr. Process Engineer and Sustainability Coordinator

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