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MowCow Lawn & Landscape – GrowCow

Fairfax Station, Virginia

Membership Type: Gold

Project Summary

MowCow Lawn & LandscapeGrowCow is a Founding Gold Businesses for the Bay Member. MowCow has been providing “Udderly Dependable”™ lawn and landscape maintenance service to folks in Northern Virginia since 1986.

MowCow house

A happy GrowCow customer

MowCow’s lawn care division, GrowCow, offers Save the Bay options to their customers because they are concerned about the Chesapeake Bay, especially nutrients and sediment that may run off clients’ lawns. They also entered into a voluntary agreement with the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation to protect and improve Virginia’s ground and surface waters by keeping excess harmful nutrients off landscaped areas and out of our waterways. As part of this nutrient management agreement, the team submits data detailing the amount, placement, timing and application of fertilizer, which can impact Bay water quality. Their technicians are trained to follow this plan and responsibly handle all lawn care products, and as a bonus, they have an environmental scientist on staff who keeps the team abreast of current research and water quality issues in the Chesapeake Bay region. They also switched their lawn care program from synthetic fertilizers to organic-based, which allowed the team to reduce pesticide and nitrogen applications.

MowCow partnered with a neighborhood to install and maintain a wildlife corridor connecting multiple habitats. Wildlife corridors, sections of land planted with native plants, have become critical for many native wildlife species that need a safe place to move between crucially important habitats.

MowCow Monarch

A monarch butterfly rests on native plants

MowCow believes that conservation education is an important piece of ecological restoration and protection. They support and provide staff leadership training that addresses environmental protection and conservation and provide environmental education for the public by including local leaders in their educational programming. MowCow staff educate the public every day about the importance of using native plants and avoiding the installation of invasive plants and continue to educate their social media followers about local environmental issues.

The Prince William Conservation Alliance's native plant demonstration garden at Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area in Nokesville,VA

The Prince William Conservation Alliance’s native plant demonstration garden at Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area in Nokesville,VA

The team also sponsors local environmental organizations’ on-the-ground efforts. For example, they are proud supporters of the Prince William Conservation Alliance’s native plant demonstration garden at the Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area in Nokesville, VA. They are also volunteering with the VA Native Plant Society to help maintain and weed VDOT’s Dale City I-95 rest area pollinator planting.

If you hire MowCow to take care of your landscaping needs, they will likely arrive in one of their environmentally-responsible hybrid trucks or a Smart Car covered in cow spots.


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Themes Fulfilled

Clean Water
Conserved Lands
Engaged Communities
Other Green Initiatives
At MowCow, we celebrate 'practical environmentalism' which means we routinely research and implement practices that substantially reduce impact on the Bay, while at the same time providing homeowners with the healthy lawns and landscapes they desire. We're incredibly honored to be a Businesses for the Bay Founding Member.


Cynthia (Cindy) Smith, Ph.D
Staff Environmental Scientist

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