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Project Green

Glen Allen, Virginia

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Project Summary

Project Green is an organic-based lawn care company with a dedication to sustainability, community, and quality. Project Green created an organic approach to a healthy lawn for Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Their vision is to reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals applied, while still giving the satisfaction of a healthy, green lawn. Their lawn care program is specially formulated to be safe for people, pets, and watersheds, something they call “Healthy Lawn…Healthy Life”.  They also recently added an organic option for mosquito control that does not harm beneficial insects.

In a traditional lawn care program, the grass is fed by synthetic fertilizers that reduce the soil pH, decrease soil health, and make nutrients unavailable to the plant. Conversely, if soil is healthy with optimal pH, the amount of synthetic products needed to naturally achieve a healthy, lush lawn is reduced. Project Green’s lawn care program starts with 18 fresh organic components that create a healthy soil, which feeds the healthy lawn. This brings Mother Nature back to the soil, creating a strong healthy plant. In return, we get more drought and disease-resistant lawns with fewer weeds.

Project Green’s goal is to keep the following from polluting our lawns, waterways, and environment by 2020:

  • 6,000 pounds of synthetic Nitrogen
  • 4,500 pounds of synthetic Phosphorous
  • 3,800 pounds of synthetic Potassium
  • 4,000 pounds of synthetic Pesticides

Alex Kepner, Co-Owner

In order to reach their goal, Project Green continues to decrease the use of harmful lawn care chemicals through successful client education. They send their clients monthly newsletters about organic lawn care practices and participate in ample public outreach opportunities, including a recent PBS Virginia Home Grown Series TV Episode about organic lawns and protecting the James River, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Project Green Co-Owners have also been interviewed for an educational Richmond Times Dispatch article about organic lawn care treatment and their new company. Project Green also keeps all employees abreast of the most up-to-date environmental research and the newest practices via weekly Monday morning meetings.

The Project Green team also follows environmentally-conscious practices at their office. They use only reusable dishware in their kitchen, eliminating the need for disposable plastic and Styrofoam products. They also help keep harmful chemicals out of our waterways by only using all natural cleaning products to clean their office space and equipment.


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Clean Water
Engaged Communities
Project Green is an organic based lawn care company with a dedication to sustainability, community, and quality. We feel it is our duty to create a great looking lawn without harming our planet.


Alex Kepner and Mark Tavares

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