Smithfield Foods – Smithfield North

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Smithfield Foods – Smithfield North

Smithfield, Virginia

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Project Summary

Smithfield Foods is a Founding Businesses for the Bay Member, committed to reducing their environmental footprint. For more than a decade, Smithfield Foods has focused on sustainability.

The Smithfield Foods – Smithfield North Businesses for the Bay program is one of three Smithfield Foods facilities included in the Alliance’s Businesses for the Bay program. Sustainability is ingrained in their culture, and that applies to the way they run their plants, the products they produce, and the way they treat their employees and the communities where they operate. Read the Environmental Stewardship section of Smithfield’s Sustainability Report HERE.

Smithfield employees picked up 25 bags of trash from Berry Hill Road

Smithfield employees picked up 25 bags of trash from Berry Hill Road in 2017

In January 2019, a Berry Hill Road Cleanup took place with 19 participants from Smithfield North, Premium Pet Health, and the Corporate office. Berry Hill Road (Highway 666) passes through a tidal wetlands area near the Smithfield Foods facilities in Smithfield, VA. The group picked up 45 bags of trash, weighing approximately 1,350 pounds!

In March 2017, twenty-six employees from the company’s two processing facilities and its offices in Smithfield, VA joined together to pick-up trash on Berry Hill Road  from Church Street to RT-10 as part of the Adopt-a- Highway program. The group picked up a total of 59 bags of trash weighing 700 pounds.

They minimize litter at their facilities and keep trash out of our waterways by providing outdoor cigarette butt receptacles for smokers and use a broom when cleaning outdoor areas, instead of a hose, keeping an estimated 1300 pounds of debris from entering our waterways.

Smithfield Foods sponsors the Envirothon program, with a specific goal of participation at the national and state levels. In 2018, two Envirothon events were supported at various locations. They also provide environmental education for employees by supporting leadership training that addresses environmental protection and conservation. For example, in August 2017, they held an Environmental and Sustainability Training conference and over 120 employees attended!

Jan 2019 Smithfield Foods volunteers clean up Berry Road!

Smithfield Foods has a goal in place to reduce normalized energy consumption by 5% by 2020 using 2014 as a baseline. Energy reduction projects, such as installing motion sensor lighting, installing automatic temperature controls on thermostats, and converting bulbs or lamps to low-energy options, will continue to be implemented across the company to address the stated goal. In 2018, they had a reduction in electrical use from 12.16 kWh/100 lbs. to 12.05 KWh/100 lbs. They also have an overall company goal to reduce water consumption by 10% from 2014 – 2020. In 2018, Smithfield North had a reduction in water use from 0.128 gallons/100 lbs. to 0.125 gallons/100 lbs!

Smithfield Foods is a proud supporter of the community. As a 2018 Taste of the Chesapeake Sponsor, Smithfield Foods is a vital supporter of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and our critical work throughout the Chesapeake watershed to restore the Bay, its lands, rivers and streams. In addition, Smithfield Foods celebrated 2017 Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week by sponsoring the inaugural Back to the Bay event on Saturday, June 10th. Smithfield Foods also hosted and spoke at the successful Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Smithfield, VA Forum: Linking Communities, Businesses, and Waterway Protection on June 21, 2017 at The Smithfield Center and Outdoor Venues in Smithfield, VA.

Berry Hill Road is all cleaned up!


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As the world’s largest pork producer and processor, Smithfield has a responsibility to be a leader in sustainability, and is cognizant of the unique challenges we face. We are pleased with our progress on our commitments to reduce the environmental impacts, and are happy to join with other companies and organizations in the region to protect the Bay.


Bill Gill
Assistant Vice President, Sustainability

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