Tradepoint Atlantic – Sparrows Point

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Tradepoint Atlantic – Sparrows Point

Sparrows Point, Maryland

Membership Type: Gold

Project Summary

Tradepoint Atlantic – Sparrows Point, a 3,100-acre industrial site in southeastern Baltimore County, Maryland, is the largest privately owned industrial site and terminal on the east coast. The property has been extensively studied by engineers and scientists as they have sought to understand the impact of more than a century of steel-making.

The newly formed internal “Green Team” at Tradepoint Atlantic – Sparrows Point has started to accomplish some of their sustainability goals; they meet 6 times per year! They keep trash out of our waterways by using a broom when cleaning outdoor areas, instead of a hose, and installed outdoor cigarette butt receptacles, to help keep cigarettes out of the water. They have studied the site’s flood vulnerability, which could help them maintain a property more resilient to climate change. The team is also engaged in the community; they support Clean Bread & Cheese Creek‘s trash clean-up efforts and plan to continue to facilitate community clean-ups in the coming year.

The “Green Team” will work with corporate to examine best practices for sustainability within the office, including doing their part to keep plastic out of our waterways by limiting the use of disposable plastic in their office. They now use reusable mugs in the office and saved money by not purchasing 1000 disposable coffee cups last year! In 2017, they planted 167 native trees and plan to plant native plants that provide cover in winter, as part of a greening initiative for the property. The Sparrows Point team will also examine the feasibility of creating a living shoreline around the property and controlling stormwater runoff via various green practices in their land development strategy.

Tradepoint Atlantic – Sparrows Point sponsored the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s 2018 Taste of the Chesapeake!

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Themes Fulfilled

Clean Water
Climate Change Resiliency
Engaged Communities
Fisheries and Habitats
Other Green Initiatives
Tradepoint Atlantic is thrilled to be part of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay as we continue our partnership to restore and protect the forests, rivers and streams throughout the Bay watershed.


Aaron Tomarchio
VP, Corporate Affairs

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