Requirements & Membership Dues

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

B4B Membership Requirements (Gold, Silver, Bronze tiers)

  • Be a business (large or small) in the Chesapeake Bay watershed
  • Be in compliance, or working towards compliance, with all applicable environmental regulations and requirements
  • Voluntarily go above and beyond compliance with your B4B Actions
  • Pledge to actively participate and encourage employees to volunteer
  • Commit to at least one Action tied to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement
  • Submit the online membership application
  • Pay your annual membership dues
  • Submit your annual metrics, every 12 months


Membership Dues (Gold, Silver, Bronze tiers)

1-50 employees
51-100 employees
101-1000 employees
>1001 employees
Bundle Discount*

*Company with up to 10 facility member applications submitted in same year (Additional facility memberships $200 each).
Each facility of a member applicant will commit to and fulfill at least one (1) Action annually. Each facility will be recognized on the Businesses for the Bay website and member lists. Each facility will each receive its own certificate and program-specific press release, if applicable.

Membership Levels


Minimum Number of Actions Fulfilled Annually: 5


Minimum Number of Actions Fulfilled Annually: 3


Minimum Number of Actions Fulfilled Annually: 1


Sponsoring an Alliance event or program annually

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tiered Membership levels are based on the number of actions committed to in the membership application.

Basic Members do not have action requirements, other than sponsoring the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.