Choose Clean Water Coalition

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

Choose Clean Water Coalition

About Us

The Choose Clean Water Coalition was formed in 2009 to energize the effort to restore and protect the rivers and streams that feed into the Chesapeake Bay.  The Coalition harnesses and enhances the collective power of the many advocates and stakeholders working on this mission. Representing more than 200 organizations, the Choose Clean Water Coalition focuses on state-specific, targeted campaigns to advance the Chesapeake Bay restoration.  The Coalition is working to advance strong policy improvements and on the ground projects by building the resources and influence of organizations throughout the watershed.


Policy Priorities

  1. Promote and defend federal policies and investment that support Chesapeake Bay watershed restoration and protection efforts.
  2. Ensure Chesapeake Bay pollution limits continue to make progress towards returning clean water to the region.
  3. Strengthen policies and permits to stop polluted runoff in urbanized areas.
  4. Protect public health, communities, and regional water resources from the impacts of natural gas development.
  5. Promote environmental justice to ensure underserved and overburdened communities share equitably in the benefits of clean water.