City of Chesapeake Garage

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

City of Chesapeake Garage

The City of Chesapeake, VA Central Fleet Environmental Management System has a Pollution Prevention Program. Central Fleet received the Environmental Enterprise (E2) designation from the Virginia Dept of Environmental Quality Virginia Environmental Excellence ProgramRead about the Central Fleet Pollution Prevention Program here.

OUR VISIONTo implement best practices in fleet management that deliver world-class automotive service and support through well-trained, empowered, and caring employees.

OUR MISSION:To provide efficient and cost-effective fleet management services for a safe, economical, and environmentally sound fleet that meets the needs of our customers and protects the investment of our citizens.


  • Improve employee retention.
  • Provide a safe working environment.
  • Establish a fully-funded fleet replacement plan.
  • Provide quality-fueling services at a competitive price.
  • Set the example in practicing environmental stewardship.
  • Provide high quality vehicle maintenance and fleet services at a competitive price.
  • Return vehicles to our customers as soon as possible and in less than two workdays.
  • Provide a highly trained, ASE and EVT certified, technical workforce.
  • Maximize the return on vehicle investment by standardizing the fleet and capitalizing on new vehicle technologies and American fuels.