Council Fire

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

Council Fire

Council Fire is unique among American businesses. Founded in 2008, Council Fire is a Limited Liability Corporation organized under the laws of the State of Maryland for the purpose of providing sustainability and other business management consulting services. Council Fire’s mission is to help organizations operationalize sustainability and harness the power of information to drive competitive advantage and economic success while simultaneously creating environmental and social value and to lead by example in their own practices.

Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, Council Fire counsels leading United States and international organizations in the mechanics of transitioning to sustainable operations.  They guide clients in assessing operations, innovating efficient methodologies, setting sustainable goals and pursuing achievement through effective implementation.  Their highly skilled experts possess extensive industry, regulatory, and public interest experience directing, managing and implementing comprehensive environmental, economic and social programs for the private sector, governments and public interest organizations including Maryland’s Port Administration, State Highway Administration, Energy Administration and Department of Natural Resources, World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, Living Classrooms Foundation, Marine Stewardship Council, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, NRG Bluewater Wind, the World Bank, Oceans 5 and many others.

As a world leader in their area of expertise, Council Fire is committed to promoting sustainability in their client services and every aspect of their own operations. Promoting a broader sustainability agenda and addressing environmental, social and economic challenges are integral to their activities and the management of the organization.

In addition, Council Fire has chosen to “be the change we seek” and operates as a Certified B Corporation.  They have chosen to amend their Charter with the State of Maryland to reflect the fact that the Company shall not be required to regard any interest or group as a dominant or controlling factor. Managing members give due consideration to the long-term prospects and interests of the Company, and the social, economic, legal, or other effects of any action on employees, suppliers and customers, and the communities and society in which they operate, together with the short and long-term interests of members and the effect of operations on the environment and the economy of the state, the region and the nation. Council Fire’s efforts have been both successful and rewarding.  Council Fire has been named a “Best For The World” B Corporation in 2014, 2015 and 2016, reflecting that fact that the company’s Impact Assessment score places it amongst the top 10% of all B Corporations and one of highest rated, most impactful companies in the world. Council Fire’s commitment to the B Corporation movement extends into their service offerings and they are working to grow the community by assisting entities in becoming certified and joining the effort to use business as a force for good.

With dedicated effort and leadership, Council Fire continually strives to show the way for others to execute a mission-driven agenda similar to theirs, pursue a more sustainable world and succeed at every level.