Lynnhaven River NOW Pearl Business Program

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

Lynnhaven River NOW Pearl Business Program

Lynnhaven River NOW started in 2002 as a committed group of local citizens who came together to foster partnerships that would apply public and private resources to the challenge of reducing pollution in the Lynnhaven. This effort developed into an award-winning river restoration project with over 8,000 members called Lynnhaven River NOW. “Now” because the work of restoring and protecting our local waterways is something that we can do NOW for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren.

Our goal is clean and healthy Virginia Beach waterways and we do this by:

  • Identifying and reducing sources of contamination in our waterways; reducing nutrients, sediments and chemicals running off our lawns, parking lots, roadways, farmland and out of our septic systems.
  • Educating and engaging the community and partner organizations in restoring and protecting our waterways and natural areas.
  • Restoring lost habitats such as oyster reefs, salt marshes, native plants, forests and other buffers that help to filter polluted runoff and protecting our waterways and their marine life.

Lynnhaven River NOW’s Pearl Business Program recognizes Virginia Beach businesses as fundamental to the vitality of our beautiful city and as having lasting impacts on our local waterways. Whether a business manufactures goods, sells as a retail establishment or provides important services to our neighbors, it shapes the health and well-being of our community. More and more, residents of Virginia Beach are becoming conscious of where their money goes and how it is spent. With the many options available, consumers are seeking out businesses that reflect their values of sustainability, social awareness and environmental responsibility.

Some of the first Pearl Business cohort stand to be recognized. (From left to right) Jason Pruitt, L. L. Bean Lynnhaven; Robert Miller, M.S.A.; Zach Roberts, Great Outdoor Provision Company Hilltop; Robert Kerr, Kerr Environmental; Kevin Todeschi, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.; Sandra Parker, Westminster Canterbury Chesapeake Bay; with Helen Kuhns, Pearl Business Coordinator.

While residents, schools and faith-based communities have each started to move towards greener practices through the Pearl Homes, Pearl Schools and Pearl Faith Community programs, Lynnhaven River NOW recognizes that active engagement of the private sector is essential to truly move towards a sustainable Virginia Beach and cleaner waters. Businesses within our city are already changing how they work. Some are increasing their energy efficiency, using resources more strategically, reducing waste and pollution, and becoming more socially aware.

Adopting a culture of sustainability within your organization can improve your work environment, guide purchasing decisions and expand your bottom line. With the natural beauty found throughout our city, your customers and employees will value the steps your business takes to become a better steward of the Lynnhaven River, the bay and our planet.

Please visit our the Pearl Business Program webpage to find out more today.